Selasa, 27 Desember 2011


hari ini tanggal 27 desember, asli sama sekali ga ingat apa yang terjadi tahun lalu di tanggal ini, masih ingat tahun lalu itu, tepat hari itu, he get my phone number , what the hell is that ?. he come to my course and we go out, we spend the night, saking banyaknya yang diceritain dari mulai sekolah baru, teman baru, pengalaman semuanya, sampai ga bisa nafas *lebay*abaikan*. Today,when i wake up in this morning and directly check my phone, can't believe it he chat me, our chat only like this " A : 27 desember hari ini B : iyo, kenapa ? A : deh nafisah" and i just read it. yaaa because i don't wanna try to be close with him again, because of what ? because now i have a boyfriend, and he has it too, so if i close to him again it means that, both of them gonna be hurt, and i dont want it. basicly 27 december always be the special day to me, i hope there is someone remember me in the next year.

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